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Black Lion Rising Investments and Black Lion Holdings, an a private and independent Investment Advisory and Project Management Consultancy. Black Lion's principal activity is to introduce and structure sources of investment capital to African Markets.  Black Lion explores and strengthens partnerships on various levels in the areas of Finance & Investments, Growth Strategies and Socio-Economic Development. Black Lion is active in 25 African countries and manages over 300 medium to large projects.


We are currently managing a number of investment opportunities in several African countries, across a diverse range of asset classes and industries. In the deals that we structure, we strive to build in an impact component that varies between 10 to 20% of sustainable community development projects.


Africa is on the rise and it currently offers the highest ROI and IRR in the World. This is the right time for smart investors to position themselves in key Sectors of African Markets.


In todays's financial and geo-political climate, managing medium to large projects, gaining access to investable assets, raising private equity, venture capital or senior debt on the African Continent is a complex process and requires a thorough knowledge and experience of the geo-political, cultural and socio-economic dynamics of each African Nation as well as solid and privileged relationships with key partners and decision makers in the target markets. Black Lion specialises in making it easier for international investors, service providers, various contractors and delivery or implementation partners to secure and close successful deals in Africa.


With our experience, and established relationships, the partners at Black Lion Holdings help our clients avoid the pitfalls of projects and business ventures in the African Market Place. We assist our clients in developing the right approach the first time around. 


Black Lion Holdings Snapshot:


• Large Projects and Programme Development

• Financial Engineering

• Industrial & Business Consultation

• Impact Investment

• Network of 30 full-time employees, 20 part-time employees, in our 22 Pan-African subsidiaries.

• 7 specialized divisions in the 5 Strategic Geographical Economic Regions of Africa.

• 256 Consultants in 96 cities of 54 African Countries.

• A Network of hundreds of International Agents in all areas of expertise.


Black Lion Holdings Strategic Council (BLHSC) includes specialists and experts in many sectors of industry including Finance, Energy, Infrastructure, Mining, Hydrocarbons, Real Estate, Agri-Business, IT & Telecoms.


The BLHSC Network includes Business Partners, Leadership Advisors, Investors, Community Leaders, Political Leaders from a diverse range of institutions and organizations:


• African Governments or African Public Institutions

• Investment Banks, Multilateral Banks

• Global Private Equity Firms & Venture Capital Firms

• Global & African Investment Funds

• Engineering, construction & procurement companies

• Risk Advisors & Consultants , Law Firms

• Development Finance Institutions

• Business Service Providers



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